The snow is coming and I can’t wait.  I absolutely love it.

It’s fair to say that weather is a big deal.  The Brits are sometimes renowned for being obsessed with weather and it is accurate to say that at certain times of year I develop a mild weather-forecast-checking fixation.

Since late October I’ve been scanning the long range forecasts for a suggestion of approaching wintery fronts.  Searching for those elusive commitments to snow on the Met Office website can be like getting a straight answer out of a politician; practically impossible.

Despite this I re-visit day after day and try not to get overly excited about promising statements such as “colder than average conditions favoured” or “some wintery showers possible”.   And we’ve been close so many times, but so far, nothing, not even a flicker of iridescence has floated past my gaze.

But after months of searching for a sign, of constraining my excitement, could this be it?  Can I finally abandon my restrain, let lose my excitement and jump around like a kid who has eaten enough E-numbers to make a waxwork look-alike come to life?

Ruminations of snow are rife in barber shops and hairdressers across the region.  At last it sounds like suggestion is turning a corner.  Can it be that rain and sleet will culminate, will self-actualise from dreary and miserable into serene and magical?

Could today be the day?


One response to “Snow

  1. Glad you came by and following my blog. Good journey.

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