How to become a writer

Apparently there are many ways to skin a cat.  Don’t think about it cus I already did and it’s gross and upsetting for cat owners.  However, it is the sentiment that interests me most, specifically the “many ways” part. 

When I drive to the supermarket there are a few different routes I can take.  Or, to give me greater scope, I can go to a different supermarket or even shop online.  Similarly, when I need to go to London I have options. 

At this moment I have options.  It’s just gone 9pm, I’ve had a busy day and haven’t eaten, but despite the many options open to me I have chosen to write this post.  I want to reach out because I need to communicate and I need to develop.  I need to fulfil this burning need in me to write and make my mark.  I don’t yet know who I am as a writer, it’s very early days.  As this blog is testament, I have barely made the first step. 

Because of this vulnerable state I have, at times, been tempted and seduced by the many “how to write” type articles.  The appeal and seductive promises in the opening gambits are powerful and full of hope.  However, they are tight, full of rules, directions and most destructive for me, “rights and wrongs”.  I can imagine that some of them do work for some people and more of them work for others given time and energy. 

They don’t work for me.  Yet, that won’t stop me.  I am done with shoe-horning (not sure how that translates) myself into systems that don’t fit.  This time it’s all about my rules.

I have banged this post out very quickly and I’m not ashamed of that fact. It could well contain many faults, incomplete discussions and arguments and it will certainly defy the many blogging/writing formulae and guidelines I have encountered.  However, I make no apology.

In order for this blog to transform, for my writing to transform, I need to strike a balance.  Not all of my developmental process can be aired here.  My process is my own.  None of the formulae fit me so I am following my own.  I can’t spend too much time on this blog for risk of neglecting my other projects which I really want to share.  Now I turn to them.



One response to “How to become a writer

  1. I totally agree – everyone approaches writing differently and there are many different paths. You are blazing your own trail – much more satisfying than following in someone else’s footsteps! Keep going! Oh – and thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog – much appreciated! x

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