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Less than straightforward

This is not easy.

Changing career is never easy, but the amount of challenges ahead of me sometimes feels overwhelming.

I have made the decision to become a writer and I’m sticking to it, but getting things off the ground is tough.

I have a “to do” list and it starts like this:

  1. Write T&C’s
  2. Research IPR and copy-write statement
  3. Finish business plan
  4. Register with HMRC
  5. Set-up accounts (inc hourly time apportionments for general costs, also see allowable expenses)
  6. Filing
  7. Set up business account
  8. Look into ways to pay
  9. Book HMRC workshop
  10. Work schedule – available productive hours vs business plan

Execution seems to be missing along with a load of other important things such as research, networking and knuckling down.

However, I can’t be too hard on myself; after all I have started this blog!

Business acumen aside, I need to prove I can write.  I need to share my work, I need to get out there and find where I fit.

I’m scared.