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Here and now

Oh my fragile girl
Sweet, sweet girl
Let go and laugh
Your delicate touch
Caressing, comforting and pure
I know you now as I see you there
Beautiful child harm yourself no more

Your mother is here

So cruel and lonely
Those early days, those early years
Encased in steel defences

Weep with me, don’t be afraid

I cradle you now as I do my son
Relax in my arms
So warm and so safe
Oh my beautiful child

Tender, my thoughts are for you
Full of beauty, full of joy
When I see you

A most delicate and precious flower
Preserved so long in your case of fear
Chrysalis of despair dissolves in your warmth

Take flight through the virgin snow
Rhythmic swings
My arms work at last
I have lost my sight but gained the stars
Whose laughter you may know